Wonderful world, beautiful people

On this walk we have passed through some tremendous landscapes, we’ve been so lucky to have such fantastic weather and the whole thing has been such a great adventure, with the lows making it just as much as the highs. Since day one we’ve been treated to magnificent views, shaped by both man and nature. Our first picnic of the walk, on that high path between The Chevin and Farnah Green, offered up a cracking view of Belper, with its mighty mill and tower, and the Derwent Valley, while a few miles further north, we saw Crich Stand which seemed to point to the airy White Peak and everything else beyond in those fabulous and ridiculously varied landscapes of northern Britain: rivers like the Eden and the Tweed, cityscapes like Manchester and Edinburgh, hills like Blencathra and Eaval and islands like Harris. What a beautiful land is ours. We both feel quite sad now that it has come to an end. It’s definitely been one of the best things we’ve ever done and we consider ourselves so fortunate to have been able to do it. But what has really made this walk so brilliant has been the people we’ve met along the way, as well as the kindness and generosity of people in spirit, in terms of donations given and the many messages we’ve received.  I can’t believe how many have been reading the blog and we’ve had messages from people we wouldn’t have expected, sometimes on an almost daily basis, which really helped to keep us going.  Your support has been wonderful. Every single person who has contributed to our journey, whether with a donation, a comment on the blog, a message via facebook or messenger or whatsapp or a text, every one who has rang us and joined us en route, every single word of encouragement has been greatly appreciated by us both. It’s been a fantastic feeling that so many people have been walking along with us and joining us in meeting so many other lovely folk on the way. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Wonderful world, beautiful people

  1. A million congratulations on your amazing achievement and thank you for the blog and wonderful photos……you must get them published.
    All best wishes, a privilege to meet you both, Marilyn and John, Appleby.


  2. Big congratulations to you both on a fantastic achievement! I never doubted you could do it! But don’t tell me you’re going to fly back now, and miss the chance of doing it all again. Wimps.


    1. Thanks Rob – just on board the Ullapool ferry with the prospect of a smooth crossing. We’re picking up a hire car in Inverness: will be strange to be driving again. Will be in touch soon about meeting up for a drink or even a walk in the Bleak District. Ian


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